Mixed-Methods research is the best method to gather data because it forces the researcher to use multiple forms of data to draw a conclusion and without several ways of looking at data; the research lacks conceptual database interpretations and is limited to only data from Qualitative or Quantitative research alone. Using triangulation in Mixed-methods research also INCREASED the validity of my findings by looking at the same phenomenon in altered ways. In any research study, I feel it is best to provide as much data as possible rather than being restricted to the types of data from Qualitative or Quantitative research.

In implementing the research, I chose Mixed-Methods research solely for the purpose that it draws on multiple forms of data and assists in increased validity of findings. Using mixed-methods research, I was able to explore the problem in depth and not just look at the problem through one research method, but involve raw stories from my students and capture their emotions. This method allowed me to get a broader depiction of the findings while also. The only way to get the best of both worlds, is to implement the best of both worlds, and with mixed-methods research, you get both.

As a part of mixed-methods research, my quantitative analysis allowed me to draw a conclusion for a large number of my students, controlled any biased opinions, and also demonstrated the cause and effect between home life and school subject interest.

My qualitative analysis allowed me to gather comprehensive viewpoints from a majority of my students and I was able to hear my students answer my question in detail while capturing their raw emotions.

Essentially, applying Mixed-methods research provided significant gains to my study, classroom research and students’ learning (this will be discussed in Analysis & Reflection).


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